How to register your concerns over an ‘unsuitable and insufficient’ risk assessment

This form is designed for individual members who wish to register their concerns over unsuitable and insufficient risk assessments in their place of employment.

This document is for members whose UCU branch has declared that the employer’s risk assessment is ‘unsuitable and insufficient’. If you have read the risk assessment and are of the opinion that it is ‘unsuitable and insufficient’ but have reluctantly returned to on site activities, it is still important for this position to be placed on record with the College.
A return to on-site working is not an indication that you believe the risk assessment is now suitable and sufficient.

We would therefore recommend that you email this message to your local manager or relevant person within the College. Please ensure that you copy in your local UCU rep.

COVID incident report and safety concern form

Use this form to register incidents with the employer and with your local branch

This COVID incident report form –  availeble to download here is a safety notification form produced by UCU to help members alert their employer to any COVID incidents or concerns that arise.  This form will support any current reporting mechanisms.  The nature of the concern or incident will determine whether all questions require completion.

We urge all members to use this whenever you have a concern.

An incident or concern can arise when a Risk Assessment control fails, is not sufficient or does not exist. It’s important for these matters to be brought to your employer’s attention. For example, this form should be used for a breach of social distancing guidelines, a lack of hand sanitisers, the breakdown of a cleaning schedule, or problems with ventilation etc. Do not wait for a number of incidents to occur; register each one as soon as possible. This will help your branch negotiators as they seek to ensure that suitable and sufficient safety controls are in place to keep you and your colleagues safe.

Please copy your local branch into any form submissions you make to your line manager. Where relevant this form can be used in association with UCU’s advice on how to respond to a Serious and Imminent Danger situation. Ask your branch reps for a copy of Serious and Imminent Danger advice.

Download it here: COVID incident report and safety concern form.

Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor supports UCU’s safety-first approach

Thanks to Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram who has confirmed this statement to UCU today:

I’ve been clear throughout that government should take a safety-first approach before further easing lockdown measures and this must apply to the further education sector. 

Before expecting staff or students to return, government and colleges should look at the five tests set out by the trade union movement and ensure that all necessary measures have been taken to keep everyone safe.”

Steve Rotherham, Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor.